Our company

About Us

Our company is capable of integrating, implementing and supporting technological solutions and IT infrastructure.

Our services

We provide creative and innovative solutions to focus on giving solutions to the needs of our clients enhancing their operability.

Why Inmotica ?

With more than 10 years of experience, we offer scalable, reliable solutions with high quality with the support and guarantee that characterizes us.

Do you need IT solutions?

We analyze, design and execute technological projects that ease the management and administration of your company.


Software Development

We are experts on web apps development, mobiles and desktop using high-technology supported by a group of highly qualified professionals.

Server Installation

We can serve our clients by offering the service of assembly, installation, setting and servers maintenance for which we have specialized personal.     .

Network Cabling

Our installations fulfill the standards and legislation using cables, supplies and the best and well-known equipment brands.                         .

Instalaciones Eléctricas

Contamos con ingenieros y técnicos especializados en diseño, montaje, construcción y mantenimiento de instalaciones eléctricas de baja y media tensión.

Energías Renovables

Somos expertos en el desarrollo de aplicaciones web, móviles y de escritorio utilizando tecnología de punta y un equipo de profesionales altamente capacitados.

Control de Acceso

Suministramos, instalamos e integramos torniquetes, barreras, cerraduras, lectores de proximidad, lectores biométricos, soluciones RFID y otros equipos.

Integrated Solutions

We provide and implement integrated solutions, adaptable, scalable and secure.

IT Solutions


We focus on having own solutions and the third party allowing backup and disaster recovery.

IP Telephony

We provide the equipment and necessary software for the implementation of unified communications.


Planning, migration and implementing information systems, apps and cloud services.